New Fairtrade Minimum Prices 2023 

  • July 2023
  • Fairtrade Minimum Prices

New Fairtrade Minimum Prices 2023 

As of 01.08.2023, new prices will apply for Fairtrade and Fairtrade - Organic certified Arabica and Robusta coffees. Hereunder we would like to briefly explain the background and the new prices:

Fairtrade International, the central certification body, carried out an extensive analysis of the price structure and production costs in 2022 based on the figures for the 2021 harvest season. The background was the dynamic market development in recent years, which led to significantly higher prices on the commodity markets. But also, the worldwide impact of inflation, and the associated sharp rise in production costs and transport, have prompted Fairtrade International to make this reassessment. Fairtrade regularly analyses the minimum prices in the growing countries in cooperation with the producer organizations. For this purpose, there is a Fairtrade Standard Committee, which consists of representatives from three producer cooperatives, three national Fairtrade organizations, one trade union and one trader/importer. 

For three months, production costs were analyzed with key stakeholders, consisting of more than 540 contributors from 40 countries.

The price change of the Fairtrade minimum price is as follows: 

  • washed Arabica coffee from 140 usc/lb to 180 usc/lb (+29%)
  • unwashed Arabica coffee from 135 usc/lb to 175 usc/lb (+30%)
  • washed Robusta coffee from 105 usc/lb to 125 usc/lb (+18%)
  • unwashed Robusta coffee from 101 usc/lb to 120 usc/lb (+19%)


In addition, the Fairtrade organic premium increases from 30 usc/lb to 40 usc/lb.The Fairtrade premium of 20 usc/lb remains unchanged. Thus, in the future the minimum price for washed Fairtrade Organic Arabica coffees will increase from a minimum of 190 usc/lb to 240 usc/lb (+26%).

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