About Hacofco

"The whole world of coffee - in one place. "

Located in the HafenCity district of Hamburg, Germany, the Hamburg Coffee Company has been successfully buying and selling high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee for over 30 years.

We are driven by the love of coffee and the ambition to inspire our customers every day with the best coffees of the highest quality - from the most remote and special growing regions of the world. We pride ourselves in being an independent link between coffee growers and coffee roasters.


Competence since 1987


Import and Export

  • Worldwide coffee trade with focus on the sales across Germany, Europe and Abroad
  • Import of freshly harvested qualities from across the coffee world
  • Expertise in trading certified green coffees
  • Project and Sustainable Coffees
  • Close network of exporters, agents and forwarders
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Be in the know: Education and Counseling

  • Creation of roasted blends according to your preferences and imagination
  • We offer full support for start-up coffee businesses and help establish a product portfolio
  • Advice on your own sustainability projects, certifications and current legislation
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Risk management solutions

  • In-house risk management team
  • We will be happy to advise you on classic hedging instruments such as hedging and options as well as on tailored programs of price-risk management.
  • Current and continuous market analyses and reports
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Keep on Trucking: Logistics and storage

  • Best possible monitoring of the supply chain and continuous presence of our agents in the country of origin.
  • Cooperation with renowned logistics partners - whether for inland transport in countries of origin or at sea.
  • The coffee is imported via all major European ports and stored locally at selected warehouses.
  • Just-in-time delivery to customers with individually agreed delivery times.
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We know quality

Phase 1: Countries of origin
  • Careful selection of our suppliers
  • Further control before shipment by our own agents.
Phase 2: Hometown Hamburg
  • State of the art sample room
  • Sample evaluation (offer, pre-shipment or arrival samples)
  • Sensory analysis: multiple tastings per day
  • Sieving, moisture testing, defect counting, volume testing
  • Staff expertise: great Q grading expertise.
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From sustainably certified green coffee, to project coffees, to „Kaffeerösthandwerk-Partnerschaft“, learn all about Hacofco and what we can do for you.


Where coffee originates

Whether from Africa, Asia, South America or Central America: As an independent coffee trader, we source our freshly harvested green coffee only from the best. In addition to certified sustainable coffees, we also develop project coffees under the Hacofco umbrella.

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We’ll keep you updated on the latest crop reports, situations at origin, and market updates.

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